Interactive Computer Training

Interactive Computer Training is aimed at those looking to gain a good basic understanding of computers and some of the most common software packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Training is Interactive with the User and no need for a Tutor. At the end of the Training, the user will be able to demonstrate confidence and efficiency in Computer Usage. This course is suitable for beginners and Intermediate Computer users who need learn or polish their computer […]

Every Business Needs a Website

Every small business needs a website to promote and market their business. A website is the silent sales person working 24 hours of the day all year without an enormous expense. Because of the rapid expansion in the use of smart phone people are using mobiles to find out information in answer to the keywords they use in a search. There are many options to building a website and you need to start by establishing your objectives. The more information […]

Why You Need a Website & NOT a Social Site for Business

Unfortunately some business owners today mistakenly believe that they don’t need a company website for their business and can just use a free, Facebook business page or some other network page for their business. They say, why should I create and pay for a website for my business when I can use there’s for free and besides, their customers use mostly the social networks anyway? This is a huge mistake, and one that could cost them dearly. The fact is you cannot […]