A Legacy Footfalls is an ICT4D organization that uses ICT to uncover potential in isolated communities of Africa: we help local teams end poverty themselves.


We work in partnership with community institutions (Schools, families and Churches) to create lasting and meaningful change in the lives of isolated and vulnerable people of Uganda, Africa and the world, by equipping local teams with cutting edge digital skills and/or use applied ICT to enlighten community members: uncover inner potential, and challenge each team to innovate solutions to social problems affecting own community.


Uncover potential in Uganda, Africa and the world -Footsteps that eco into eternity.


Christ: Our existence is Christ; the word of God is the only fiber that holds our day to day reality.

Submission: We enlighten beneficiaries enough to visualize their unique dream and patiently yield to them as they lead us in their unique impact.

Greatness: We carry an excellent spirit that can do all things through Christ and it’s our responsibility to give liberty to whoever desires to break from whatsoever limitation

Integrity: We are honest to the vision; we never look at our work as a means to settle need but an occasion to create eternal legacy with life and immortality.

Accountability: We owe account firstly to God, God servants that have gone before us, state authorities Partners & Beneficiaries.