Bright Star for Multi Activities Co. Ltd Preface: Bright Star for Multi Activities CO.LTD is a new name in the field of Engineering, Contracting and General Supply, it was established in the year 2010; but its existence extends so far beyond that date, regarding the experience of its founders and employees especially the engineers and technicians whom are possessing considerable professions and highly skilled trained. From the very beginning, Bright Star for Multi Activities CO.LTD made its logo that continuous improvement and quality of work and excellent performance is its main target. In Bright Star for Multi Activities CO.LTD we believe that the adoption of new and developed approaches in the operations of construction industry is the only way that we should follow to comply with the contemporary of globalization and information, so as to be capable to provide reliable and affordable services to our customers and the whole community, using last and modern outputs of science and technology that meets the international standards.